2023 LCPOA Amenities Waiver

Waiver – Summer 2023

Lewes Crossing Property Owners Association

Amenities Access Waiver – Summer 2023

All homeowners are required to acknowledge annually that they agree to abide by the Lewes Crossing Property Owners Association, Inc. (LCPOA) rules to be able to access Lewes Crossing’s community amenities (clubhouse, pool, collectively, “Community Amenities”). By signing below, homeowners and permitted tenants confirm this agreement and amenities waiver. A permitted tenant is a tenant who has entered into a lease agreement with the homeowner that conforms to the requirements of Article VI, Section 6 of the LCPOA Declaration of CCRs.

The undersigned homeowner(s) has/have received, read, and will abide by the Community Amenities rules.

All persons using the Community Amenities do so at their own risk. The undersigned homeowner(s) and tenant(s) agree that use of the Community Amenities and its related facilities are provided on an unsupervised basis and are used at the homeowners or tenants and their guests sole risk, responsibility, and liability. Homeowners agree to indemnify and hold harmless the LCPOA, its Board and its property management company from all claims of any nature arising from use of the Community Amenities and related facilities by the homeowners, tenants, or guests.

The undersigned homeowner(s) or tenant(s) further agree to accept full responsibility for all damage to the Community Amenities and its related facilities, equipment, furnishings, appliances and accessories arising from the homeowners, household members, tenants and guests use.

This information has been communicated to all household members and tenants and will be conveyed to any guest.

It is understood that children under 14 should be accompanied and supervised by an adult when using the Community Amenities. Children under 16 are not permitted to use the Exercise Room/Equipment.

Each Property is entitled to two key fobs, provided the Property is in good standing. “Good Standing” means a Property has no past due balance, no outstanding violations, and conforms to the architectural standards of LCPOA. If a Property ceases to be in good standing, access to the Community Amenities will be suspended, and the key fobs will be deactivated until the Property is back in good standing.

All homeowners and tenants must access the Community Amenities using their assigned key fobs. Access without key fobs will be considered unauthorized. Guests must be accompanied by the homeowner or tenant, except as permitted by the Pool Rules.

Lost or stolen key fobs must be reported to Premier Property & Pool Management (PPM). There is a $25 replacement cost to the homeowner for a lost or stolen key fob.

Annual Amenities Agreement/Waiver 2023

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